In Search of the Best Functional Programming Back-End: 2021 Update


For 3 years I’ve been searching for an enjoyable language to use in writing back-end code, for API’s & Serverless. Specifically a strictly typed, functional one.

I haven’t found it.

However, I have learned a lot, and though I’d share a summary of that below. Both to hopefully inspire readers, and in hopes someone can either fill in some gaps, or shed light in a new direction I should look.

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Beecher Ridge Backcountry Camping

Emboldened by my last backcountry camping trip, I wanted to try a different place. Meaning, hike into the wilderness carrying all you need, camp somewhere random in the forest, then hike out the next day. While there are trails, most backcountry often doesn’t have designated camping spots; you just have to find your own while not hurting the plants. Below is what I did and learned.

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Lone Winter Backcountry Camping


I went camping by myself at Shenandoah National Park Tuesday. I’ve been on lockdown with the family since March, and despite 1 summer trip to a river at a campground where we had a nice cabin, I’ve been going crazy staying inside all the time. As an extrovert, the lack of human contact has been hard, and going on my OneWheel with others and myself outside helps, but is often quite short. So I figured a longer time away from the house, in the wilderness away from tech would help.

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That 70’s Serverless Article

This article has been making the rounds on Twitter & LinkedIn, inciting and resonating with people. Either “I completely disagree with this guy! 🤬” or “YES, this guy gets it! 🙏🏼”. I’m… both.

He invokes both my 20’s-Jesse-thinks-he-knows-everything-and-must-own-this-wrongness and my 40’s wistfulness at simpler tooling. Let’s tackle both.

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