The REGAL Architecture


The REGAL Architecture is a tech stack brought together using industry best practices and modern tooling for building web applications. If you want to build, deploy, and host a full stack web application with little to no runtime exceptions, minuscule downtime, and confident, yet reasonably fast iteration, REGAL is for you. Nothing is invented here, it’s just a combination of existing technology brought together in a cohesive tech stack.

REGAL stands for the core technologies used in the tech stack:

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Ruminations on ValueObjects, DataTransferObjects, Back-end For Front-ends, and Functional Programming Data Modelling

Interesting domain modelling challenge happened this week. Remember the difference between ValueObjects and DataTransferObjects? DTO’s are over the wire and VO’s are your domain objects, usually bereft of behavior?

This was a pattern I thought I’d never use again.

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Parsing Lambda Error Logs in ReScript & Python

When AWS Lambda functions fail with exceptions, you can have alarms setup to let you know. The problem is the Alarms don’t tell you what the error is, just that a Lambda crashed a bunch of times in a short time frame. Is it something you should keep an eye on? Did something catastrophic happen? Is it something you can ignore? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Enter Lambda error parse from CloudWatch filter pattern subscriptions. In this article, we’ll show 2 languages used to do that in a Functional Programming style. Specifically ReScript and Python. While subjective, we’ll do our best to compare and contrast the different approaches. I don’t specifically recommend either language for the task, I just find it interesting to compare and contrast and hope you do too. I’ll cover each function, what it does, and how it fits into the larger whole.

Code – ReScript & Python on Github

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